Wednesday, December 26, 2012


                          Happy Holidays

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas night with my son it was a wonderful visit but I was feeling horrible and was running a fever. Today is much better. I decided I would just stay in my P.J's all day and relax, and that I did. I must say "I am feeling 100% better," sometimes we just need to slow down.

The ski-area is in full swing. I've chose not to work much at the mountain this winter. maybe I'll be doing a little sking (Grin) Anyone who knows me well knows it's hard to get those skis on my feet, don't get me wrong I love to ski, I grew up living at the mountain(Because my family owned it) but as I get older I hate the cold. These days a nice warm fire and a cup of hot cider is what I enjoy.

The chickens and turkeys are still keeping me busy. Egg production is way down because our days are so short. The week before Christmas I actually had to buy eggs at the store. Please don't tell my husband as feed is still costing about $15 a week, and turkeys? yes we still have turkeys, I kept three of a breed that are able to reproduce but it seems you need to have at least one female in order for this to happen. Guess what? I have three toms so the freezer will soon be there resting place.

We are expecting a big snowstorm starting tomorrow going into Friday so I will need to get up early, get to town to check on my grandparents then home to snuggle in to a nice warm home for a couple days. I just love being stuck at home in a snowstorm, a couple more days to rest(smile) 12 to 14 inches is expected in this storm. Maybe I'll do a little cooking.

Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season with friends and family. I'm looking forward to 2013.

Happy New Year and God Bless You and Your Families


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  1. Janice, it's so good to have you back! I'm sorry that you are not feeling too well, though.
    Glad you got to spend Christmas with your sweet baby boy! How awesome!
    Hope you feel better soon, slow down, and have a wonderful week!
    Love you!
    PS. The girls loved their totes!