Tuesday, June 26, 2012

                                  Pen Pals

Another cold rainy day. It's the end of June and we have a wood fire, but is so cozy.

I've just been sitting here thinking I haven't written to or heard from my pen pal in a long time. She had moved a couple of times and I'm guessing shes forgotten about me. I love having a pen pal we send each other little gifts from where we live, Years ago I had a pen pal from China, she sent me pictures, coins, and when I got married at 18 she was very concerned that I might be with child(Smile) I didn't have a baby until 8 years after I was married. She was my age but just started dating in groups, and here I was getting married. Well that was 29 years ago but I still have the pictures and coins she sent me.

I thought what better way to find a pen pal than my blog.

If your interested in a pen pal. Join my blog and leave a message to this post with your name, address and your interest. Hopefully someone will write to you or you can write to someone with similar interest.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening, and if your in the North East try to stay dry(smile)




  1. Janice Jewett
    P.O. Box 604
    Mars Hill, Maine 04758
    Interest- canning, crafts, chickens, turkeys, cooking, sking,

  2. Janice, I have a pen pal from Texas. We met through Ebay 2 years ago and have been writing steadily since. My sister and I also send snail mail to each other all the time. Email is too easy, so we make sure we do it the old fashioned way. Such a great idea and who doesn't like getting mail from a friend!

  3. Great idea, Janice.. I love getting GOOD mail.. grin..

  4. Hey, how did your first day of eating local go? If I have anything you need, please let me know!

  5. Oh! How could I forget!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

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