Sunday, July 8, 2012

                       Celebrating 29 Years Of Marriage

Good evening everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

The Kids love jumping off the boat

This weekend was our 29th anniversary and what better way to spend it than with friends and family. We rented a sweet little cabin In Green Land Cove. Right next door to where my husbands brother and his family were camping. I took The jet-ski Friday afternoon, then my husband showed up Friday night with the boat and KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN" what?! That is not local food" We are only eating local food and whats in our pantry for six months. The kids loved the chicken and mashed potato's so I guess there's one of my 5 exceptions for the month.

This morning we got up early because check out was at ten. I came home with a wicked craving for chocolate. I decided on homemade cream filled chocolates. Just one problem the recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk. I didn't have any and I can't buy any because it's not local. I still want chocolates so I googled it. Guess what, I can make sweetened condensed milk and it's easy.

The recipe made 4 pans this size

                             1 1/2 cup milk

                              1/2 cup sugar

simmer on very low until it thickens. (about 2 hours) when it's at desired thickness add 3 T. butter and 1 tsp. vanilla. that's all there is to it. No need to buy canned again.

The chocolates are really good but I made so many the craving is gone(grin)                                                                                         
The finished product
It was a wonderful weekend and a great Anniversary.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.




  1. Happy Anniversary to you both.. Looks like a great time.. Thanks for the recipe for the milk.. I have used powdered milk one before...

  2. Happy Anniversary, & many, many more!! I have used this recipe. I love it! I remember my grandmother making this when I was little. You are SO smart!