Thursday, April 19, 2012

                               Free Fire Wood

Good evening friends. 

Just a little post on heating our home here in Northern Maine. We heat with 100% wood, lots and lots of wood. I think last year it cost about $1700.00 to heat our house pretty cheap really when we have friends that heat with oil and spent about $5000.00 last winter.

Wood is a lot cheaper but a lot of hard work, but believe me when it hits 20 below zero the wood heat is wonderful.

Now you know wood is wonderful the only thing that could make it any better is when it's free, yes you heard me right FREE. A couple weeks ago my husband was doing some work for a nice couple who no longer burn wood. They had a large pile from last fall all seasoned, and they told him he could have some of it. So he loaded two truck loads brought it home and threw it off the truck down back by the basement door.

Wood all piled in the basement

Last night my husband was gone for the evening, so I thought I'll start stacking that wood. Well three hours later a well bruised arm and a few blister I had this.

My free wood

WE still need to buy at least three more of these piles but I'm so proud of myself for having one tier already in and its not even summer yet, and I'll say it again it was FREE!

My husband was very pleased when he got home and happy I piled it right . Thats right there is a proper way to pile wood, not that over 28 years of burning wood I've figured out the proper way, guess last night I just lucked out(smile) because it was actually piled right.

So there you have it.Heating with wood is a lot of work but the rewards from hard work, cost, and the wonderful heat it produces are well worth it. 

Leave a comment let us know how you heat your home and what you like about it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.


  1. Janice we heat with wood also. We use about 8 cords a year, along with 1 tank of fuel. Not bad really. The oil is just used for heating our water, so not much is used compared to a lot of other peoples homes. We are, however, building a new home this summer, so we have decided not to burn wood, except in the wood cookstove and an occasional fire in the fireplace. Instead, we have chosen to put in a propane heating system. It burns cleaner than oil, less mess than wood and is more than 95% efficient. I'll let you know how it works out...

  2. Good Morning Janice.. Just checking in to see you.. We heat with wood, too but have electric backup for if we are away or whatever..
    Did you know we have an old farm we go to when we can that is under the windmills, too... smile.
    Have a great day and God bless....