Monday, April 30, 2012

                                       Lazy Mans Soap

Good evening ladies, another busy day at my home today. I spent the day cooking, cleaning and making soap. I so enjoy the days I just stay home and work at being a good homemaker or whats the name they call it now? A Domestic Goddess. Yes that's what I am  A Domestic Goddess(smile)

Today I made Lazy Mans Soap. Oh I'm not usually lazy, I do make most of my soap from scratch. Ya I even use sodium hydroxide(lye) so many people are scared of it but it's actually really simple but that's another post. Today I made melt and pour soap. I purchased a very large block of goats milk soap from for $39. Brambleberry has some wonderful soap making supplies.

orange cream with poppy seeds
melting soap

I sliced a bunch of the soap placed in a large pot, melted, added scent,and coloring then poured in the mold. It's that easy. I made two batches, first I made orange cream with poppy seeds in it.
soap mold
After a couple hours I take out of the mold and slice. I've put some on some old saucers I picked up at a second hand store for 25 cents each. what a great mothers Day gift.

great mothers day gifts       

I also made Chocolate soap with scent, cocoa, and instant coffee grounds, it smells so good.

While I was in the kitchen I also made some peanut butter cookies with candy kisses. I love candy kiss cookies, I make them with every kind of kisses Hersey makes. Today I used mint kisses(yum)

Well ladies this is a little look into what I did today. What kind of soap and cookies have you been making?

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