Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Good evening everyone. Well I'm back to my little homestead for a few days. The chickens were really glad to see me, when I'm home for a few days they get to free range. A few weeks ago the raccoons had a feast, I'm down to only 5 hens, 1 rooster and 2 chicks (oh and 3 less racoons) I've decided I would like to take the chickens to the lake with me. We've bought a little coop from Tractor supply, and have it all put together. The only problem I have a rooster!! Not so sure the neighbors will like a rooster so trying to find him a home, then the girls will be going with me.

Home for a couple days helping my Dad move into his new home, and while I'm here I will be restocking the pantry.

Tomorrows list: Help Dad in the morning
                      : Blanching and freezing corn in the afternoon.
While I'm home I'm Hoping to pick up a case of locally grown broccoli to put in the freezer.

So far this summer I've put up 40 pints of fiddleheads
                                             30 pints of green and yellow beans
                                             12 pints of carrots
                                             15 pints of peaches
                                             20 Quarts dill pickles
                                             10 jars of relish
A bunch of different jams. Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, Strawberry rhubarb, lemon marmalade, oh and I learned to make clover honey. I think I did 12 1/2 pints of honey.

Even though I've been spending a lot of time at the lake I'm still really busy when I'm home. After all we still have to eat.

Well that's it for this evening, hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend.

                                           Hugs Janice

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  1. You are a busy, busy girl. What did you end up doing with the apples? I made a few pints of applesauce, but have given quite a bit of it away. Need to make more, I guess. I still have carrots in the garden, but I think I am going to blanch and freeze them. My Aunt Lucy brought me some more tomatoes yesterday, so now I need to do something with them. You need any?