Monday, September 2, 2013

 Hi ladies it has been a while.
I've been pretty occupied with a new lifestyle. I still have my little homestead under the windmills, my garden, my chickens.  I'm still canning, making soap and all the things that come with homesteading. The difference is I'm doing a lot at the lake.

My husband and I have purchased a little cabin on a lake about 45 minutes from our home. I've been spending most of my time there. Life seems to slow down when you get to the lake and I am very much enjoying it.

My plan is to get back on track with posting information on homesteading basics. but for today just wanted to let you know I was still here and enjoying my summer at the lake

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  1. Welcome back!!! I just happened to check your blog and boy am I glad I did. I know you are busy, so I totally understand the VERY LONG delay in posts. LOL!

    Glad to have you back! Can't wait to see what's next....Julie